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1501 Revere Street
Harrisburg PA 17104
(717) 232-7093

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Our Mission in Harrisburg

The IBEW Local Union 143 is a membership run organization dedicated to providing the highest quality, best trained, most productive workers in the electrical industry. By ensuring these high standards, we help contractors to profit and grow while securing a better standard of living for our members. Please contact us with your questions!

Robert S. Bair, Business Manager and Financial Secretary

IBEW 143 News

  • temporary sign in procedures

    International Brotherhood of electrical workers Local 143

    1501 Revere street

    Harrisburg PA, 17104

    TELEPHONE 717-232-7093

    FAX 717-2 3 2 -7 1 13




    Due to the coronavirus restriction and for the safety of our Brothers and sisters and our staff the offices of local 143 will be closed to the public.

    The following initial sign in procedure will be in effect March 31, 2020:

    Book 1- e-mail the following information to referral@ibew143.org

                ∙ Name

                · Phone number

                · card number

    Book 2- Fax sent from your home local union to local union #143 at 717-232-7113 with the following information

                ∙ Name

                ∙ Address

                · Phone number

                ∙ Copy of paid dues receipt

    These initial sign in procedures will remain in effect until further notice. All other referral procedures remain the same.


    Robert S. Bair

    Business Manager


  • Apprenticeship Questions

    For any questions regarding apprenticeship applications call the training center at 610-492-2650

  • 4/6/2020 Meeting Cancelled.

    The April 6, 2020 Monthly Meeting at 7:30pm has been cancelled.

  • Meeting cancellation

    The monthly union  meeting scheduled for April 6th 2020 has been cancelled due to the restrictions in place with the coronavirus outbreak.

  • First Aid Class

    There will be a first aid CPR class held for members on March 28th 2015. If you would like to attend you need to contact the training director by March 7th. He can be reached at (717) 439-8011

  • E-mail resigns

    There is a link to resign on the home page. Follow the directions, fill out the form and hit submit. Please remember that you must sign in person when you get laid off for your initial sign in.


    Robert S. Bair

    Business Manager

  • New Users

    All new accounts will not be active for at least 1 business day until site accesibility rules have been attached to it.  PLEASE make sure to check the box in the left hand corner of the new account form page to request an account.  Otherwise, an account will not be established for you.

  • The Importance of ERTS

    For those of you who are not already enrolled on the ERTS system we would like to remind you of its importance.  The ERTS system was established to ensure that benefits received outside of your home local are credited back to your home local account.  For this reason it is important for all members to be enrolled to avoid delays and problems with your benefits. If you are a member of 143 and not in the ERTS system or you're not sure if your in the ERTS system call Kirby Artz at 717-232-7093 to have him check your enrollment status. If you are a traveler working in 143's jurisdiction make sure your home local has you enrolled in the ERTS system and your information in the system is current.