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1501 Revere Street
Harrisburg PA 17104
(717) 232-7093

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Our Mission in Harrisburg

The IBEW Local Union 143 is a membership run organization dedicated to providing the highest quality, best trained, most productive workers in the electrical industry. By ensuring these high standards, we help contractors to profit and grow while securing a better standard of living for our members. Please contact us with your questions!

Robert S. Bair, Business Manager and Financial Secretary

IBEW 143 News

  • Union Hall open

    Effective June 1st 2020 the temporary resign procedures will end and  the standard initial sign in and resign procedures will be back in effect. The hall will be following the CDC guidelines for admittance. To see the bookkeeper stop at the window and ring the bell and Mrs. Wetzler will be happy to assist you with dues payments.

  • Teledata wage disbursement June 1st 2020

    June 1st 2020 Teledata Technician

    Check wage-$0.70

    Pension- $0.20

    Annuity- $0.50


    $1.40 total disbursement

  • Journeyman wage disbursement June 1st 2020

    June 1st 2020 Journeyman wireman                         

    check wage-$0.90 cents                                          

    Pension-$0.20 cents                                                



    $1.70 total disbursement                                       


  • Nomination of officers moved to June union meeting

    Please see the attached letter that is being mailed to all the active members

  • Apprenticeship Questions

    For any questions regarding apprenticeship applications call the training center at 610-492-2650

  • E-mail resigns

    There is a link to resign on the home page. Follow the directions, fill out the form and hit submit. Please remember that you must sign in person when you get laid off for your initial sign in.


    Robert S. Bair

    Business Manager

  • New Users

    All new accounts will not be active for at least 1 business day until site accesibility rules have been attached to it.  PLEASE make sure to check the box in the left hand corner of the new account form page to request an account.  Otherwise, an account will not be established for you.

  • The Importance of ERTS

    For those of you who are not already enrolled on the ERTS system we would like to remind you of its importance.  The ERTS system was established to ensure that benefits received outside of your home local are credited back to your home local account.  For this reason it is important for all members to be enrolled to avoid delays and problems with your benefits. If you are a member of 143 and not in the ERTS system or you're not sure if your in the ERTS system call Kirby Artz at 717-232-7093 to have him check your enrollment status. If you are a traveler working in 143's jurisdiction make sure your home local has you enrolled in the ERTS system and your information in the system is current.