Officer Election Results


Business Manager/Financial secretary-Rob Bair

President-Kirby Artz

Vice President-Brian Weibley

Treasurer-Scott Shive

Recording secretary-Dan Berrier

Delegate to convention-Kirby Artz

Executive Board

Gary Yinger, Tim Coy, Eric Rhan, Tim Moist. Nick Wieger, Troy Woodward, Eric Hollenbach

Examining Board

Mike Rhan, Cole Yiengst, Brian Hansen



Covid-19 Update

Effective June 1st 2020 the temporary resign procedures will end and  the standard initial sign in and resign procedures will be back in effect. The hall will be following the CDC guidelines for admittance. To see the bookkeeper stop at the window and ring the bell and Mrs. Wetzler will be happy to assist you with dues payments.